"Doing Well by Doing Good"

How It Works

OmegaPoint® Partners

We indentify social and environmental issues.

We design a sustainable business solution using our blockchain technology located in an Opportunity Zone.

We help companies succeed with stategic planning and technology.

A Diversified Portfolio of Social Impact Companies

OmegaPoint® Partners provides a strong mix of companies that utilize blockchain in the social impact space in qualified Opportunity Zones.

Get Started How We Work

OmegaPoint Partners, LLC, is a social impact and blockchain technology firm. OmegaPoint® exists to "do well by doing good." Through a multi-company approach OmegaPoint® is able to minimize risk, where most early stage companies have failed in the past. By becoming directly involved in each company, OmegaPoint® is able to maintain a quality control position with the management team and use of funds needed to take each company into revenue and profitability. Each portfolio company is located in an Opportunity Zone.